At SOUTH  AFRICA CAMEROON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE we strive to fulfill our mission, which is to promote and improve trade and investment between South Africa, Cameroon and others Cemac countries (Gabon- Central Africa Republic- Chad – Congo Brazzaville – Equatorial Guinea) to Ivory Coast, some of them produce oil, also abundance of mineral and natural resources, meaning mass opportunities and Projects in all sector : Mines , Real Estate, Property Development, Infrastructure Development, Gas, Oil, Agriculture Development,  Agro-Processing, Farming, Retail Sector, Finance Sector, ICT, Constructions, Banking Sectors, Foods and Beverages, Machinery , Medical equipment,  Agriculture Equipment, Tourism, Healthcare Etc…

SACCOC, your only voice, relies on teams of highly qualified professionals to supply services and up-to-date information to members and companies; we research market globally , acquire consultant services to ensure the success of our  strategic alliances and to verify any legal, immigration, fiscal and custom issues that may arise.

Our Vision 

To be a business chamber of innovations and opportunities, sustainable growth and socio-economic transformation within South Africa And francophone Africa

Our Mission

Creates an enabling environment for business growth through targeted Trade, Investment and Tourism opportunities , strategic infrastructure development and social transformation, this positioning us as a leading and reliable Global Business Chamber


  • Ensure adequate protection of  business interests
  • Listen and be the voice of business
  • Assist business to adapt to realities that cannot be changed
  • Assist chamber in helping their members to grow their businesses and fulfill a leading role in their communities
  • Promote SMME and market-orientated approach with equal opportunities for all
  • Promote a culture of Import  – Export and job creation
  • Promote skill transfer  and Training
  • Promote Intra Africa Trade

Working together, we can achieve more

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